This morning, Britain voted to leave the European Union. Here are some maps and charts that show the referendum results and what consequences might follow.

Financial Times: EU referendum results

Detailed breakdown of the referendum results in an interactive map as well as charts for every regional poll.


Reuters: Britain votes to leave EU

Interactive map of the referendum results.


The New York Times: How Britain voted in the E.U. Referendum

A static map of referendum results with focus on London.


Wall Street Journal: 'Brexit' Referendum

Live results from the referendum with focus on stock development.


The Guardian: EU referendum results in full - find out how your area voted

Live map of the results as well as scatter plots with demographic data.


NZZ: Alle Resultate aus Grossbritannien auf einen Blick

Map of results plus some charts with more detailed findings.


The New York Times: What Is Driving the ‘Brexit’ Debate, and What a ‘Leave’ Vote Could Mean

Some charts that explain what could happen if Britain leaves the EU.


Financial Times: A people divided

Scatter plot of voting results vs. education.

Quartz: World currencies are tanking on Brexit, but bitcoin is surging

Chart that shows how Bitcoin price is increasing whereas most other currencies are weakening.


NZZ: Map of voter participation