The refugee crisis is the ubiquitous topic in international media for the past months. Many news outlets have tried to support their coverage through data visualizations - resulting in some powerful interactives. This collection shows the projects that have been published so far.

The New York Times - “Closing the Back Door to Europe”

2015-09-15 Maps

Vox - “One chart that puts Europe’s response in perspective”

2015-09-15 Infographic

The Economist - “More neighbours make more fences”

2015-09-15 Map

Swissinfo - “Six graphs to understand the migration phenomenon”

2015-09-14 Steamgraph, Barchart, Bubblechart, Map

Berliner Morgenpost - “Aus welchen Ländern Flüchtlinge nach Berlin kommen”

2015-09-11 Charts

The New York Times - “The Scale of the Migrant Crisis”

2015-09-10 Infographic

Quartz - “Follow the flow of Syrian civilians from the Middle East to Western Europe”

2015-09-10 Map

The New York Times - “Seeking a Fair Distribution of Migrants in Europe”

2015-09-04 Map, Barchart, Bubblechart

Le Monde - “Comprendre la crise des migrants en Europe”

2015-09-04 Graphics Collection

SVT - “Refugee flows to the EU”

2015-09-03 Flowchart

WDR - “Flüchtlinge in NRW”

2015-09-01 Map

The New York Times - “Which Countries Are Under the Most Strain in the European Migration Crisis?”

2015-08-29 Map, Charts

The Guardian - “What do you call a person who moves to another country in search of a better life?”

2015-08-28 Interactive

Lemonde - “Morts aux frontières”

2015-08-28 Map

Economist - “Looking for a home”

2015-08-27 Map, Infographic

Zeit Online - “Hier wohnen Deutschlands Asylbewerber”

2015-08-20 Maps

Zeit Online - “Europa schiebt ab”

2015-08-07 Infographic

The New York Times - “The Flight of Refugees Around the Globe”

2015-06-20 Maps

The New York Times - “What’s Behind the Surge in Refugees Crossing the Mediterranean Sea”

2015-05-21 Maps, Charts

Zeit Online - “Wer steigt in die Flüchtlingsboote?”

2015-04-23 Chart

Zeit Online - “Ein gut bewachtes Massengrab”

2015-04-17 Chart, Maps, Infographic

Journalism++ - “Migrant Files”


Journalism++ - “Syria”